1 lb Raw Honey



Hand spun and filtered raw fall honey.

Our bees grazed on predominantly Goldenrod and Aster flowers this fall to produce this nutty caramel noted honey.

This honey is raw, which means that it has not been excessively heated and pasteurized. It has only been warmed enough to liquify and promote the spinning process.

Its chemical structure has not been modified so it is rich in antibacterial agents, amino acids and antioxidants.  It may slowly crystalize over time (if it lasts in your cupboard that long) but it can easily be gently reheated to liquify.  We recommend heating it to hive temperature, which is around 99 degrees.  Just don’t exceed 110 degrees, as at that temperature, the natural antibacterials would be harmed.


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1 lb., 3 lb. 30lb bucket, 60lb bucket